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    Two students, James and John were given a grammar test by their teacher. The question was, “is it better to use “had” or “had had” in this example sentence?”

    The teacher collected the tests, and looked over their answers.

    James, while John had had “had”, had had “had had.” “Had had” had had a better effect on the teacher.

    welcome to the english language

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    get to know me meme: [4/10] current celebrity crushes → emma stone

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    This is potentially life saving information everyone should know.

    No you guys this post helped me find my cat. He was missing for almost a month and I’ve had him for over 12 years. After seeing this I put his favorite blanket he always slept on outside hoping he would smell mine or his scent and he was back the next fucking day asleep on it.

    When my cat got out, we called and called for him, and then, later that night, I remembered similar advice to this, and so put his little scratching pad, which he adores, on the front porch. Not even half an hour later, I heard a thump, opened the door, and there was his big butt, meowing at me.

    Important and vital

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    this is the cutest thing i’ve ever seen

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    things said in majority of movies:

    • "I TRUSTED YOU!!"
    • "she’s not just some girl!"
    • "I should have told you this a long time ago."
    • "I’m not a little girl anymore!!"
    • "but I love him!!"

    -“You’re giving up your dream!”
      “No dad, I’m giving up YOUR dream.”

    "I knew your father. He was a good man."

    *girl walks downstairs*

    Guy: Wow… you look… great.

    -“you won’t get away with this!”
    -“oh, I already have”

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    the 5sos fam right now

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    Luke Today (23.7.14) x

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    I didn’t know that Ashton on a bike was something I needed until now…

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    Red Velvet Ice Cream

    That is the most evil looking ice cream I’ve ever seen.

    I must have it.

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    my biggest problem with the amnesia music video is not the girls but the fact that theyre not wearing seat belts image

    do you think your punk rock because youre not wearing seat belts 

    you know what isnt punk rock


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